Document Certification

US Legalization is a private trade association located in Maryland in the United States of America, US legalization authenticate your documents weather they are single documents or multiple documents, the legalization's hard working, experienced staff delivers your documents to the defined embassy or agency, through US legalization website you can also find the official links for each embassy website.

US legalization is the most dedicating trade agency that helps people out of scamming and eases the nightmare of office paper works. It is the place where Certifications Made Easy.

Choose a suitable document type

Notarized Documents
It is preferred that the document is certified from the Secretary of the State in which the notary is licensed. In urgent cases when...

Fedral Documents
US Legalization will authenticate the document from the US Department of State and the Embassy of Jamaica

Commercial Documents

US Legalization will certify the (C/O) OR / AND (C/I) from the Chamber of Commerce and legalize the documents from the Embassy of Jamaica in Washington DC.

Personal Documents

All personal documents must be certified by the respective Secretary of State. Birth, Death, Marriage, divorce certificates, divorce decrees and any personal powers of attorney and affidavits must have an...